What's The Catch?
The catch is that when everyone else and their brother applies, they might run out of funds in this program, or may just shut it down. 
So time and timing becomes of the essence.


Why ERC, Why Us?

You don't know the best part yet.

To avoid your spending time or money if you get questioned later on, they by contract will stay with you for 7 years to make sure you don't havetoface anything by yourself, Yes 7 full years! 

THAT'S WHY we are considered trustworthy and reputable by the myriads of our benefiting clients.

So go to the next step of walking through the pages, and inform yourself, and then book a 7 to 10 minute call with my boss.
We’ll do a prelim screening, and if we think you may qualify, we will join in a conference call with the team before you go to the next step.
Be Aware, and Avoid the Scams!

In today's environment of catch and release, or don't bother catching at all, one has to be very careful as to who you involve, and allow into your business, especially into your financial transactions.

We've seen scammers taking an upfront fee, and then the business owner gets nothing,  while these guys are far gone. 
They always say you qualify, and quote very high  qualifying rates, but sometimes you don't.  Wouldn't it be nice to know that upfront, before you divulge any  information and before you invest your time?

Your financial information is precious and so, don't pass it on, willy nilly, without knowing who you are dealing with.

That's exactly why we decided to partner with the most reputable of firms, a combination of CPA and Attorney working together, and straight enough not to take any money from you unless and until you qualify. 

Working with a licensed attorney and a CPA team protects you.

Proven Step By Step Progress to Your Funding!
See How To Choose The Best Team To Help You, and Avoid the Scammers.

What will it cost me?

1.No Application Fee
2. No Interest Payments
3. No Collateral

How Does That Sound?

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1.You tell us how to contact you- 1 minuutes.
2. Answer a few prequlifying questions-1 minute.
3. we talk-7 minutes
4. we meet with the team 10 minutes.

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1. See if they are trying to charge you an upfront fee. if yes, run.
2. See if you can tal to the people actually doung the application for you  If not, run.

3. Don;t give any information that i ssensitive until you've actually talked to them. 
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See who else just like you has benefited, and how much they benefited. See the 2  pages of case studies by checking this link below.

Why ERC is th Best Thing For Your Business, Since...!

Is This Legit? What Will It Cost Me?
Check Here, Why and How to Choose The Right Team to Help You.


Why Choose Us Over The Competition?
See the number of business owners who have received hundreds of thousands of dollars, they never have to pay back, due to our effort, and see how you can join their ranks.
See why we stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Home Care Services Company

Home Care Services Company with
123 employees was told by
accountant, bookkeeper and payroll
company they did not qualify. We were able to show they were
incorrect and now due for



Contract Manufacturing Services 

Contract Manufacturing Services Company with 27 employees qualified for recovery of